KD Wray Professional Corporation is a full service accounting firm.  Our firm provides business consulting, financial advisory services, succession planning and assurance services to a wide number of owner operated businesses in Southern Ontario.  We employ several seasoned chartered professional accountants and other competent accounting staff to fulfill the needs of our clientele.  The practice has been in existence for over 20 years and we have evolved during that time to provide quality services to clients in all stages of business and life.

Our approach is to become a member of our client’s team to ensure that all aspects of their business are known to us allowing our firm to provide top quality service to our clients when needed and on a timely basis.  Our professionals regularly and continuously meet and exceed all of the technical requirements as set out by Chartered Professional Accountants Canada under professional development guidelines as the importance of continuing education in our field is paramount to providing the appropriate solutions to our clients.

Due to the significant changes in the business environment over the past decade, we have structured a team with varying specialties, including in-depth tax specialties, financial planning specialties and controller capabilities.  These specialties complement each other and allow the KD Wray Team to provide the full range of services demanded by business owners in the global business world and life.