KD Wray understands that meeting the needs of our clients is vital in sustaining a long term relationship.  Our client support is not taken lightly and we endeavour to be available at all times for our clients.  This is why we use a team approach to client service.  All staff members are a part of the team whether the client directly engages them or not.  We ensure that all staff are aware of the needs of our clients and are familiar with their circumstances such that each and every staff member is capable of fulfilling client requests when and if necessary.  Our availability means efficiency to your organization in making expeditious decisions.

Our firm goes beyond these services in anticipating client needs.  We want to ensure that the partnership struck between our firm and that of our client is a beneficial partnership and we strive to ensure that value-added services are incorporated into our day to day services.  Our commitment is to provide personalized services and to ensure: 

» We are responsive to your questions

» Provide cost-effective solutions to your business requests

» Provide telephone and email support on a wide variety of tax, accounting and business issues

Our firm is committed to providing you with high-quality service, no matter what stage of life you or your business are in. If you have any questions about our services and what we have to offer, contact us!