• John Van Scheyndel


Given that the Province of Ontario has been put into a state of emergency, we feel that we need to increase the restrictions to our office for the next two week period.  This is to protect our staff so that we can continue to process returns to meet the deadlines imposed upon us.

What this will entail:

  • Our doors will be locked but we will be accessible by phone and email.

  • All documents that you need to provide to us and we encourage you to continue to provide them to us, should be either put through our drop slot or provided to us online via our secure file sharing portal. Anyone wishing to utilize our secure portal and have not in the past, should contact us with their email address and we will set up the link and invite you. Please do not send documents by email as it is not secure

  • For our personal tax clients who have returns that are complete, we will hold them until the end of the month and at that time you can come into the office to sign the documents and we will transmit them to CRA.    If you feel that you would like them submitted sooner, please call us and we will provide you the T183 signature page via a secure link or by fax.

  • For our corporate clients, we will arrange to have phone conferences and provide your documents via our secure portal for review and signatures.

We will continue to remain in the office and will continue our service to you.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

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