• KD Wray

Open to Public

Effective today June 8, 2020, we are open to the public by appointment only.

Our office is open and has been throughout this pandemic, but we are now accepting in-office appointments if necessary to meet your needs.

We will accept only two people at a time in the office and they must be from the same family or the same business. You will be expected to answer a questionnaire and sign in when you arrive. If you cannot answer the questions positively then we will ask that you vacate the premises until such time you are healthy.

We would also ask that you utilize the hand sanitizer, and at all times respect the social distancing requirements that are implemented in the office and by our government.

With respect to retrieving your personal tax records, we will contact you and arrange a time for you to arrive at the office to obtain them.

Of course, we will continue to communicate by email and we can also arrange virtual appointments through Teams. Since some of us continue to work virtually, these virtual meetings may be appropriate for all of us. We can walk you through the set up if you desire such a meeting moving forward.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

We miss all of you and thank you for your continued business throughout this process.

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